The Seed Talk 2014

Get Your Inspiration: Relive The Seed 2014

Day 1

Facing Our Food
Keynote Speaker: Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder


The World Peace Diet
Dr. Will Tuttle: Author, Educator, and Composer


When I’m Sixty-Four: Eating to Grow Older Better
Victoria Moran: Founder of Main Street Vegan Academy


PlantBuilt Team: Vegan Body Building
Tiffany Burich, Chad Byers, Mindy Collette, Jehina Malik, Giacomo Marchese, Dani Taylor


Challenges of Starting A Vegan Business
Fernanda Capobianco, Owner of Vegan Divas


Food as Fuel: Plant-Based Food for Endurance Athlete
Scott Jurek: Ultra-Runner, Book Author


Food is Medicine: Whole Heart Solution
Jowl K. Kahn, M.D.: Interpreventional Cardiologist

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