The Seed Talk 2014 – Day 2

Get Your Inspiration: Relive The Seed 2014

Day 2

How to Live s Super healthy Life All on a Plant-Based Diet
Greg Sher, Founder & Trainer,


Fit, Fast, and Happy: Dramatic Change Through tiny Steps (and Crazy Goals)
Matt Frazier, Book Author, No Meat Athlete


Moringa Oleifera: Super-food from Africa
Heinrich Heinrichs, Plant Physiologist and educational Expert
Ali Shakur, Plant-Based Marketing Expert


Winning Compassion for Farmed Animals
Jenny Brown, Co-Founder & Director, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary


Hypocrite No More: Bridging the Gap for Animals
Simone Reyes, Reality Star, Activist and Right Hand Woman to Russell Simmons


Plants, Punk & PMA
John Joseph, Cro-Mags Lead Singer, Book Author


Your Heart on Plants
Robert Ostfeld, MD, MSc, Director, Cardiac Wellness Programs, Montefiore Medical Center

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