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My experience at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

 By Greg Sher The Seed last year brought a bunch of fellow NYC animal lovers on a trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. The baller-status 57 seat bus picked me, my wife, and about 25 other people up in Soho. After a smooth and peaceful two hour ride, we arrived at the Woodstock Farm Animal […]

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11 NYC Thanksgiving Dine-Out Options

Dining out this Thanksgiving? Check out our list of 11 vegan-friendly NYC restaurant options for Thursday evening’s meal! (more…)

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Genetically Modified Food (GMO) Infographic

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A snapshot of the GMO debate. The graphic shows the ups, the downs, and the all-around of the genetically modified food industry. It is loaded with facts for and against what these six companies are doing to all the organisms. But what are genetically modified organisms? They’re are […]

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Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Day Trip 2013

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Greg interview

Interview with Greg Sher of iKillFat

Greg Sher of iKillFat hangs out at The Seed HQ to solve some fitness mysteries and questions from The Seed audience. Me: Please introduce yourself. Greg: My name is Greg Sher, founder of I Kill Fat Manhattan personal training. I’ve been a personal trainer here in New York City for about 5 years now and […]

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The BluePrint Cleanse Experiment

“We think. You drink.” That’s the catchphrase for BluePrint’s juice cleanse system, which is quickly grabbing the attention of health nuts, celebrities, and competitors alike. In this hip sector of the wellness field, similarly cutesy phrases and modern marketing techniques are cropping up everywhere. Three full days of fresh-pressed juice is a relatively expensive purchase, […]

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Beyond Sushi Rolls Out The Flavor

Beyond Sushi Location: 229 E 14th St  New York, NY 10003 Reviewed By: Terry Chao  *** Whenever I hear the words “vegan” and “sushi” used in one sentence, I usually cringe in gut wrenching fear of what usually shows up on my plate: crumbly, tasteless rolls wrapped in mushy seaweed, with only cucumber or avocado as the filling. […]

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Yoga Week photo

Yoga to Detox and Experience Plant Based Empowerment

Considering a vegan lifestyle is becoming more common these days. People are seeking information on veganism, and often don’t know where to start. The Seed strives to empower people to learn more about a plant based lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of making more vegan choices. One practice that many Americans embrace is yoga, which […]

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5 Ways to Get Calcium on a Vegan Diet

5 Ways to Get Calcium on a Vegan Diet Contributed by: Alexis Brill Did you know that you have a higher risk of osteoporosis if you consume dairy products, compared to someone who does not? Huh? You are probably thinking I am crazy. And you have good reason. In our society, we were taught quite […]

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Tofu Turkey

3 Fantastic Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

AWESOME RECIPE #1: Cider-Marinated Tofu Turkeys Created by: Hannah Kaminsky Featured In: Bittersweet Looking for a cruelty-free Thanksgiving dish that will blow the holiday crowd’s socks off? Try Tofu turkey. No, not a Tofurkey, but a modest homemade substitution invented by vegan superstar chef, Hannah Kaminsky. Get the complete recipe by clicking on the (decadent) […]

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Meatless Marathon Mastery

“But how do you get enough protein?” This was asked of me as I tackled the 15th mile of the Chicago Marathon. Seriously. Gene, a 45-year-old recreational runner from Wichita, had become my best friend about nine miles ago. Ordinarily, I run solo and wouldn’t dream of engaging in small talk during such a challenging […]

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Top 5 Cookbooks for New Vegans

Congratulations: You’ve made the commitment to a plant-based diet and you’re ready to jump into the kitchen.  Vegan cooking can seem intimidating at first, but when you discover how simple and fun it can be to create delicious, hearty and beautiful meals based on nutritious, whole plant foods and ingredients, you won’t be able to […]

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Vegan Celebrities You Already Know

There’s no doubt that veganism is taking center stage lately, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the Hollywood scene!  Many celebrities are making headlines touting the benefits of a plant-based diet, citing a myriad of reasons from health-based to ethical, and the vegan community has welcomed them with open arms.  Do you recognize […]

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