My experience at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

trip to woodstock farm sanctuary By Greg Sher

The Seed last year brought a bunch of fellow NYC animal lovers on a trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The baller-status 57 seat bus picked me, my wife, and about 25 other people up in Soho. After a smooth and peaceful two hour ride, we arrived at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The atmosphere at the farm was extremely welcoming and fun loving. In between taking selfies with goats, and petting random animals out for a stroll, we all chit-chatted amongst ourselves. All of us having a few laughs and sharing our own experiences on why and when we adopted a plant-based lifestyle. I’m not gonna lie, it felt good to be amongst my own people!

As a personal trainer in NYC, I am constantly the odd man out. In a crowded gym, I am the lone vegan guy who overhears other trainers telling their clients to consume massive amounts of meat and dairy on a daily basis.

I choose to just focus on my clients. One of the many things I love about my job as a personal trainer is my position to educate my clients on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

This is to benefit THEM! A plant-based diet will lower blood pressure, reduce body fat, increase energy levels more efficiently than anything else. My clients see and feel the benefits of a plant-based diet, and they stick with it!

This makes me so happy for them, but it also makes me happy for the lives being spared every time I help someone see the benefits of a vegan diet.

I thought of this during the walking tour around the farm led by Jenny Brown. And how could I not after meeting all of the beautiful animals on the farm!

Di, the lone mule who loved being petted. Star, the hermaphrodite goat who kept on trying to eat my squash soup. Quincy and Tedi, the two ducks who just chill by the duck pond all day long. All the different cows, all the different pigs – all living on this farm away from harm and cruelty that most of the world offers animals. All of these animals had their own backstory and personality. Just like I do. Just like you do.


I never bring up the insane and inhumane madness that goes into factory farming to my clients. I never bring up the disturbingly gory details of how meat or dairy really gets to their plates.

My goal is to help them understand how a vegan diet will benefit them physically and I leave it at that. But I must admit that after seeing these animals on the farm, I did leave wanting to scream from the rooftops that animals deserve the same level of decency to life that you do or your pets do.

Instead of doing that, I’ll just tell everyone I know (my clients included!) to check out Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. I know that when most people see the life and spirit these animals have, they’ll think twice about eating them.


Greg SherGreg Sher, founder of I Kill Fat, has been a personal trainer and Pilates instructor in New York for over 5 years (and vegan for 4!). Training at private gyms throughout the city, he comes to your hood and lends advice and support to clients outside of the gym as well.

I Kill Fat – Manhattan Personal Training, provides ultra-customized workout programs so that you can achieve the type of lean muscle mass that looks awesome and helps you burn more calories day-to-day.



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