Genetically Modified Food (GMO) Infographic

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A snapshot of the GMO debate. The graphic shows the ups, the downs, and the all-around of the genetically modified food industry. It is loaded with facts for and against what these six companies are doing to all the organisms. But what are genetically modified organisms? They’re are created simply but artificially adding DNA into one organism’s genes from another species of plant or animal.

We have to decide whether our health should suffer for more supply of products and where our morals truly stand with others and ourselves. Do we want less herbicide use or more? I guess it’s not really a choice since studies show that the use has been steadily increasing right under our noses without us having the slightest bit of knowledge.

If our products had the GM label on it would you still purchase it?
57% of Americans would have to decline that offer, along with 60 other countries.

If you are concerned about the food you and your family consume, or just want to know some more information about genetically modified organisms, look below at this infographic by Carrington College.



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