5 Tastiest Vegan Loafs

With the holidays right around the corner, many vegetarians and vegans frantically search the internet and aisles in search of plant-based alternatives to the Thanksgiving turkey or baked holiday ham. Well, look no further because The Seed’s done all of the research for you! Listed below are 5 delicious vegan roasts that will delight the taste buds of even the staunchest carnivore.

For a gourmet guilt-less feast look no further than Field Roast’s seasonal meatless alternative to the bird. Made exclusively for the holidays, the Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute is a delicious vegetarian grain meat seasoned with hazelnut and crystallized ginger. Field Roast sausages, cranberries and apples combine to make a tasty stuffing, all wrapped up in a savory puff pastry. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser with vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and carnivores alike all begging for seconds! 

Enjoy a bird-less feast with Gardein’s Savory Stuffed Turk’y. The package comes with two individually stuffed Turk’ys and two packs of gravy. Each Turk’y is loaded with 23 grams of protein-your answer to the age-old question: “where do you get your protein?” Since it cooks in 30 minutes it will leave you plenty of time to whip up your other delicious veggie side dishes or master your crow pose!

For family size, try gardein holiday roast. Also check out their holiday recipes here:

Gardein Holiday Roast

You know what they say- if it looks like a turkey and tastes like a turkey then it must be…Vege USA’s Vegan Whole Turkey! With only 45 minutes in the oven, pre-made stuffing and gravy included, you wont have to spend hours in the kitchen on all the trimmings. Weighing in at an impressive 6 pounds, this soy based “bird” should feed about 12 people with leftovers! Look in the frozen foods aisle in your natural foods store or Whole Foods to find this veggie turkey. You can read review of this product here.

Vege Vegan Whole Turkey

Comedian and fellow vegan Ellen DeGeneres has a vegan “turkey roast” recipe on her website for those of you who like to get your hands dirty and experiment in the kitchen. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist ingredient list, bringing a vegan turkey to life is no easy task. Nevertheless, you’ll be proud of your hand-made vegan loaf and can brag about it for years to come.

Here are some recipes:

#5. Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy
Made with seasoned soy protein and organic ancient grain flour, it was touted for its remarkable texture and flavor. Punched up the wild rice stuffing with bursts of cranberries and coated the roast in crispy breading, seasoned with herbs and red pepper flakes.


*List assembled by Theresa Gavin, another awesome member of The Seed team! 





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