The BluePrint Cleanse Experiment

“We think. You drink.”

That’s the catchphrase for BluePrint’s juice cleanse system, which is quickly grabbing the attention of health nuts, celebrities, and competitors alike. In this hip sector of the wellness field, similarly cutesy phrases and modern marketing techniques are cropping up everywhere. Three full days of fresh-pressed juice is a relatively expensive purchase, so companies are in heavy competition for those holistic consumers with finicky wallets.

As a seasoned cleanser (and a fanatical lover of juice!), I admit to having fallen victim to BluePrint’s persuasive advertising tactic. I had recently attempted an at-home-cleanse, meaning that I had to purchase the entire produce section of my local supermarket, repeatedly and painstakingly scrub the mesh of a juicing machine with a toothbrush, and ingest gallons of a dirt-like substance that was supposed to taste like an organic beet. The planning and management of my veggie inventory was intimidating and time consuming, and the finished product wasn’t all that amazing either. This time, I wanted to simply drink. NOT think.

In an effort to get an accurate review, three members of our team tested the program, and our cumulative feedback is integrated in this post. With opinions originating from a cleanse-crazed vegan, a cleanse-opposed plant eater, and a cleanse-virgin omnivore, I can assure you that you’re getting nothing but the unbiased truth here. Let the scrutinizing begin!


Cleanse: BluePrint

Duration: 3 Days

Level: Excavation (Advanced)

Cost: $195

Daily Juice Breakdown:

  • 4 Green Juices = organic romaine, organic apple, organic celery, organic cucumber, organic spinach, organic kale, organic parsley, organic ginger, organic lemon
  • 1 Spicy Lemonade = filtered water, organic lemons, organic agave nectar, organic cayenne pepper
  • 1 Cashew Milk = organic cashews, filtered water, organic vanilla, organic cinnamon, organic agave

What BluePrint Says:

“ The most intense level of BPC, Excavation, is designed to flood your body with chlorophyll, restore your alkaline balance, and seriously rest your insides so they can finally unearth those crayons you ate when you were three…Excavation focuses on juices that trigger detox and elimination, such as citrus (spicy lemonade), which act as “cleaners” and green vegetable tonics which act as “healers” and, ahem, “sweepers.” “

Logistics / Delivery:

All of our cleanses arrived on time in insulated boxes with plenty of ice packs. BluePrint’s overall presentation was professional and inviting, and our packages included welcome notes and instructional cards. They even included a “cheat sheet” (if the urge to chew became overwhelming!) and a recipe for edamame hummus to whip up post-cleanse. We also appreciated the emails we received on the previous business day, as these notified us of the delivery time and included helpful reminders about the upcoming program.


All three of us enjoyed the taste of our juices – none were “choked down” or merely tolerated. The majority of the bottles were packed with green veggies and only lightly sweetened with hints of apple, lemon, and ginger. We proudly patted ourselves on the backs while guzzling what felt like gallons of this uber healthy concoction. The spicy lemonade, which did the actual “excavating,” was smooth with a burst of energizing cayenne pepper kick. While those were pretty impressive, NOTHING compared to the cashew milk treat at the end of each day. All three of us looked forward to that dessert-like reward which is essentially a juicer’s version of a milkshake. Heaven.

Hunger Level:

We each felt unexpectedly content throughout the majority of the cleanse, with one exception. We were hungry at bedtime. By shifting the timing of our final and most caloric drink (the heavenly cashew mixture), that seemed to make our evenings a bit more enjoyable. Two testers also felt more comfortable on days one and three as compared with day two. Perhaps it was the hump day effect?

Emotional / Physical Effects:

All three of the testers felt strong and confident in the daytime, but we became slightly irritable when the feelings of hunger set in at night. One tester bravely overcame her coffee cravings and felt pride in doing something good for her health and her body. One tester noticed a runny nose during a massage on day three, and she was pleased to observe this side effect signifying the release of stored toxins. Generally speaking, we all felt physically lighter on the final day of the experiment.

Suggested Improvements:

We felt a little bummed about the inclusion of agave nectar in both the cashew milk and spicy lemonade. Although agave is a low glycemic sweetener, it is really high in fructose, so a tasty alternative would be to utilize an ingredient like coconut nectar. Another note would be to consider using glass bottles instead of plastic, as this would be more environmentally friendly and would incentivize us to return the bottles for a discount on a future cleanse.

General Consensus:

In the end, we felt pretty clean, restored, and ready to munch on some solid food. The surprising element was the type of solid food that we were craving. Instead of gorging ourselves on carbs, sweets, and other processed garbage, we reached for the steamed greens and fresh fruits. Our bodies innately know what is best, and by excavating the unhealthy junk, we can reconnect to our inner nutritionist and reprogram our taste buds.

All three of us agree that we would definitely partake in future BluePrint cleanses, and we might even challenge ourselves by adding a few additional days. The convenience of pre-made cold-pressed juice was appreciated immensely, and we loved that everything was 100% organic. The program was professionally delivered, the juices were delicious and of quality ingredients, and it worked. Win, win, win.

Thank you, BluePrint, for making the transition to enlightenment attainable (and tasty) for all!


Cleansers: Adrianne Prettyman, Alexis Brill & Erica Klett

Review Written By: Adrianne Prettyman







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