3 Vegan Holiday Recipes Inspired by Betty Crocker!

Annie and Dan Shannon are pretty much the cutest vegan couple ever. In addition to writing their fantastic food blog, Meet the Shannons, they’ve also single-handedly (well, double-handedly) revolutionized The Betty Crocker Cookbook by veganizing every item in the volume. Their impressive efforts in the kitchen have caught the attention of the publishing world, and their new book, Betty Goes Vegan, is being sold as a comprehensive guide filled with 500 classic recipes for the modern plant based family.

The Shannons have shared these three delights with The Seed to inspire us before the holiday dinner rush. We love ALL of them!

Recipe #1: Whole Wheat Focaccia Bread

Recipe #2: Manicotti with Kalamata Olive Pesto Tofu & Tofu Ricotta Filling 

Recipe #3: Peppermint Russian Tea Cakes




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