Q and A: Michelle Schwegmann Eats Like She Gives a Damn!

Michelle Schwegmann, presenter at The Seed and co-owner of The Herbivore Clothing Company, will provide enlightening information for compassionate families and parents curious about the benefits of veganism for children. Come to see her discussion called, “Raising Vegan Kids” at 10:15am on Sunday, June 17th!


QUESTION: How long have you been vegan, and what was the motivation behind your decision to go vegan?

ANSWER: I have been vegan for 10 years. I was vegetarian before that, but resisted giving up cheese. I didn’t want to be so RADICAL that I wouldn’t eat cheese. Ha! But one day I realized that it was silly and that I was basically lying to myself that it was okay to eat cheese. So I gave it up. It was not a big deal or radical or difficult at all.


QUESTION: What aspect of The Seed are you most looking forward to?

ANSWER: I am excited to be part of such a high quality, well-curated, professional, and exciting line-up. The passion that all of the presenters have for their work is admirable, these are thinkers and doers and I know I will learn a lot, have a great time, and benefit from every aspect of it.


QUESTION: What is your favorite vegan restaurant and dish?

ANSWER: I LOVE Portobello Vegan Trattoria in Portland – their beet tartare is incredible. Also, I just ate at Cafe Gratitude in LA and was blown away. The BLT (chipotle coconut fakin’ bakin’) was jaw-dropping.

QUESTION: What new vegan product/service have you recently discovered, and liked?

ANSWER: Since I deal in products, there are so many, too many to name.


QUESTION: What vegan product/service couldn’t you live without, and why?

ANSWER: Nutritional yeast. It is so yummy-making.


QUESTION: What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a new vegan?

ANSWER: Living compassionately is the absolute right choice. It may make you different, it may be challenging at times and people may not understand you or why you are vegan. But soon it will be your new “normal” and you won’t remember what it was like to eat animals. You’ll have a whole new set of habits that you love.


QUESTION: What is your favorite common vegan myth to disprove?

ANSWER: That vegans are a “fringe” group of weirdos.


QUESTION: What vegan related question do you most dread being asked, and how do you answer it?

ANSWER: “How could you give up CHEESE?” I just say that it’s an addiction and that once you give it up, you break that addiction. If it’s appropriate I will talk about the reality of impregnating dairy cows, veal, and that milk protein has been shown to make cancer grow.


QUESTION: Who do you wish were vegan?

ANSWER: My parents. The president. Oprah.

QUESTION: With which celebrity, who is vegan, would you like to have dinner with, and why?

ANSWER: I am not a big celebrity kind of person, but I would have dinner with Ellen DeGeneres or Joaquin Phoenix. Ellen is hilarious and awesome, and Joaquin is cute. He made a great Johnny Cash.


QUESTION: Who is your vegan hero, and why?

ANSWER: My husband, Josh Hooten, because he is amazing and compassionate and introduced me to veganism.



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