Q and A: Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is Travelling to The Seed!

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, also known as The Healthy Voyager, will be providing healthy vegan traveling tips and tricks at The Seed. Come watch her presentation at 12:15pm on Sunday, June 17, and learn how to become a vegan-savvy explorer of the world!



QUESTION: How long have you been vegan, and what was the motivation behind your decision to go vegan?

ANSWER: 14 ½ years ; ) I read a book called Fit For Life, written in the 70’s, and the light bulb went off in my head. I went vegan the next day in order to make my way down a healthier path, received my masters in holistic nutrition and never looked back!


QUESTION: What aspect of The Seed are you most looking forward to?

ANSWER: Meeting new people and eating lots of great vegan food in NYC!


QUESTION: What is your favorite vegan restaurant and dish?

ANSWER: Candle 79! It’s been so long since I lived in NYC, back when it was just Candle Café, I loved the lasagna!


QUESTION: What new vegan product/service have you recently discovered, and liked?

ANSWER: Hmmm, I discover so many new products that it’s hard to choose but I will say that Vegan Cuts, the vegan groupon type service, is pretty awesome!


QUESTION: What vegan product/service couldn’t you live without, and why?

ANSWER: To Go Brands Go Greens. Since I travel extensively, I never leave home without my go greens to insure that I get my 6 servings of veggies everyday, no matter where I might be!


QUESTION: What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a new vegan?

ANSWER: Learn how to eat well. Balanced, healthy and based on whole, healthy foods. Vegan junk food is fun but it will cause illness and perhaps second thoughts on remaining vegan. Also, veganism is not social suicide, lead by example, enjoy your life, travel and be a positive force among friends and family!


QUESTION: What is your favorite common vegan myth to disprove?

ANSWER: That going vegan will immediately cause you to lose weight. I think it’s false advertising or at least, partial info advertising in order to get people to go vegan, thus giving it a bad name when they gain weight from eating to much processed vegan food, bread, sugar and fat. Yes, a healthy, balanced, whole foods vegan diet will help you lose weight but not a vegan junk food one which is followed way to often by new vegans.

OH, and that you can travel the world and find vegan anywhere without starving or ruining your trip!


QUESTION: What vegan related question do you most dread being asked, and how do you answer it?

ANSWER: Well, I don’t dread any question but I am sick of “so no eggs? No dairy? How about fish?” NO Animals or animal products means none of those people! ; )


QUESTION: With which celebrity, who is vegan, would you like to have dinner with, and why?

ANSWER: Ozzy Osbourne. He’s bad ass ; )


QUESTION: Who is your vegan hero, and why?

ANSWER: My mom ; ) She went vegan 3 years ago and has become such an advocate with the rest of my family as well as in her work. She is an ultrasound technician and really promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle to so many people that she probably turns a new person vegan every week!




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