Q and A: Kathy Freston Supports Progress, Not Perfection!

The Seed speaker, Kathy Freston, is a vegan superstar and bestselling author of Veganist, Quantum Wellness, and The One. Be sure to attend The Seed to see her presentation called, “Leaning In to Weight Loss and Health,” at noon on Sunday, June 17th!


QUESTION: How long have you been vegan, and what was the motivation behind your decision to go vegan?

ANSWER: I’ve been vegan for about 9 years. I was writing about personal growth and consciousness, and realized that I was not very conscious about what went into the making of my food.  So I decided to look into it. What I saw – how meat and dairy arrived on my plate – did not sit right with my soul. I knew I had to change, so I started leaning in to more plant based food, and away from animal products. I did it gradually, though, because I really wanted the shift to stick!


QUESTION: What aspect of The Seed are you most looking forward to?

ANSWER: I love being around people who have challenged themselves to be kinder, healthier, and smarter; it’s inspiring to see!


QUESTION: What is your favorite vegan restaurant and dish?

ANSWER: I love the Seitan Piccata at Candle 79, and I love the Lasagna (all raw!) at Pure Food and Wine.


QUESTION: What new vegan product/service have you recently discovered, and liked?

ANSWER: I am really into using Harmony Valley “hamburger” meat; I use it for Spaghetti Bolognese, tacos, chili, and burgers.  Since it’s a dry good and ridiculously easy to make, it’s my go–to last minute convenience food.


QUESTION: What vegan product/service couldn’t you live without, and why?

ANSWER: Silk soy creamer, Earth Balance butter, Gardein 7 Grain Crispy tenders; Daiya cheeses. Each of these replace some of the favorite things I grew up loving (cream, butter, cheese, chicken… ) so that I never feel deprived!


QUESTION: What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a new vegan?

ANSWER: Lean into it; it’s all about progress, not perfection! Vegan-ish is just fine!



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