Welcome to The Seed!

We could not be more excited. In just over a month, we’ll be opening the doors of 82Mercer, the most beautiful event space in Manhattan’s fashionable Soho, and welcoming our guests. And whether they’re vegan, veg-curious or thoroughly veg-skeptical, they are going to be in for the surprise of their lives. Eating, and living, vegan, is about to reach a whole new level of fabulosity.

What will they find? First, the nation’s leading experts. From best-selling author Kathy Freston, to Ironman champion Brendan Brazier, to physician and nutrition guru Dr. Joel Fuhrman, to podcast personalities like Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Compassionate Cook) and Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan (Our Hen House), to so, so many more. Everyone who is everyone who knows everything about the glories of veganism will be on hand to share their wisdom.

What else? Well, what do you want to learn? How to cook healthy? Yoga? Make fabulous desserts? Martial Arts? How to raise vegan kids? Whatever it is that you want to know to enhance your vegan journey, The Seed has it!

More? How about all the best movies about living healthfully and compassionately? Yup, we’ve got ’em. Forks Over KnivesVegucatedFat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You could come just for the movies, and consider your day well spent.

Enough? Not yet. How about the stuff?  From vegan cheese, to vegan shoes, to vegan clothes, to (wait for it!) vegan crafts from the Bust Magazine Craftacular, we’ll have it all!

Best of all? THE FOOD! New York City has the best vegan restaurants in the world, and they will be on hand to offer samples of their finest dishes to guests of The Seed. Get a taste of what it means to be vegan. And if you thought eating healthy and with compassion was a sacrifice, you are going to have to think again. You are never going to want to go back.

We cannot wait to see you there!