About Us

About Us

The Seed is the preeminent leader within the NY metro area, taking a positive and modern approach to a plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly living. We create premier consumer events showcasing the best products and services that enrich and improve people’s everyday lives. We invite the curious and skeptical alike to come and experience how advanced and revolutionary the plant-based and vegan movement is. Discovering first hand, the delicious and creative options that are now available. Getting inspired and learning about the tremendous health and environmental benefits from many of our renowned speakers and presenters. The Seed is also a firm believer in giving back, a portion of the profits are donated to various charities.

Our Core Values:

1) Consistently embrace a positive attitude

2) Represent our community in a professional manner

3) Provide open and inviting platforms and programs

4) Educate about nutrition, health, compassion for animals, and environmental sustainability

5) Make a difference in the world